In 2008, after having been the Professor and Chair in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery at Keele University School of Medicine for nearly eight years, I became the first competitively appointed Professor of Sports Medicine in the British Isles. After more than four years, when the Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry flourished, I now hold an honorary position as Professor of Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. I diagnose and treat injuries to the body's joints, muscles or bones. I also advise elite, professional and amateur athletes on injury prevention. I work within a multidisciplinary team with musculoskeletal Radiologists, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists, and we are therefore able to oversee a prescribed rehabilitation plan or exercise regimen. The constant interaction with my radiology colleagues has resulted in the development of special techniques to manage tendinopathies in the upper and lower limb. I am in the unique position of also being an Orthopaedic Surgeon and can therefore operate on conditions which are not responding to conservative management.